Frequently asked questions...

How do I get started?

Can I see your previous work?

What if I am out-of-state? Do you travel?

My bread & butter are black & grey realistic tattoos. I enjoy them very much but I do color just as well. My artistic style would have elements of realism with a graphic design/animated look to it. I dig lots of details.

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Shop minimum is $100; this applies to anything that takes less than an hour. After that (dependent upon size, coverup or not, full color or black & grey & other details) anything that requires more time is subject to $150/hr.

Yes. No lips, intimate areas, fingers, palms or toes.


What do you tattoo?

Of course... CLICK HERE

I do travel for either guest spots at a shop near you or for conventions/shows. Those dates are usually scheduled months in advance. In between those I stay at my home shop in St.Petersburg, FL. For my out-of-state clients I settle all details via email as best as humanly possible and often take deposits over the phone.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Is there anything you don't tattoo?